Modell szám BEBLV301

3000W 3-in-1 Backpack Blower Vac and Rake

3-in-1 compact blower, vacuum and rake - the complete outdoor solution for effective leaf clean up and collection throughout Spring and Autumn. The powerful 3000W blower function moves even the most stubborn wet / dry leaves and other garden debris effortlessly into piles whilst the high performance suction and flexi-tube attachment make light work of vacuuming. The leaves, collected in a 72 litre convenient durable backpack, are finely shredded thanks to the powerful mulching feature - reducing the volume of debris to accelerate composting. And for ease of handling, it comes with an integrated pivoting ergonomic handle making leaf collection effortless and comes supplied with a rake attachment for handling heavy, tough debris making it even quicker and without the need for additional tools


Jellemzők és előnyök

  • 3in1: 1. Blower 2. Vacuum 3. Mulch for convenient flexibility.
  • 1. Blower, Power through the toughest debris - with a 404km/h blowing speed.
  • 2. High Performance Suction - For rapid removal of the most stubborn, garden debris.
  • Two Speed Setting - Allows you to adjust the power to suit your task.
  • Flexi Tube - For easy manoeuvrability whilst vacuuming leaves and debris .
  • Innovative 72L Back Pack - Forget conventional leaf collection, wear the lightweight collection bag on your back for greater manoeuvrability and easy use around the garden.
  • ROLL+CLICK™ Easy Release Locking System - Simply roll+click to close or unclip the bag for easy emptying.
  • Lightweight - For greater control and manouvrability around the garden.
  • Quick Release Design - Easily convert from blowing mode to vacuuming mode.
  • Pivot Handle - Simply adjust the handle for additonal comfort during use.
  • Strap + Rake - Comes with a strap for added comfort, and a rake attachment for removing heavy, tough debris.
  • 3. High Impact Shredder - Reduces the volume of debris from 12 - 1, to accelerate composting and ease disposal.
Black and Decker - 3000W 3in1 Backpack Blower Vac and Rake - BEBLV301

Termék jellemzők

Termék típus Avartakarító
Tápforrás Hálózati
Fúvási sebesség 404.0 km/h
Felvett teljesítmény 3000 W
Szívásteljesítmény 15.0 m3
Átalakítható rendszer 2 csőrendszer
Aprítóventilátor Igen
Falevél aprítás 0.5006944444444444
Gyűjtőzsák kapacitás 72.0 liter
Tömeg 4.4 kg
Vállszíj Igen
Akusztikus nyomás 96.0 dB(A)
Pótfogantyú Igen
Vibráció 2.5 m/s2
Légmennyiség 268 CFM
  • Backpack (1)
  • Leaf Rake (1)

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